Smoking Lines Fillers

Smoker's or lipstick lines are small lines that etch the lips and may extend vertically from the lips. They are often first noticed when lipstick starts to 'bleed' out of the vermilion border (the border between the lip and adjacent skin) into the vertical fine lines around the mouth. They are more prevalent on the upper lips.

Smoker's lines occur as we grow older and the lip naturally starts to lose its volume, along with repetitive bunching of the tissue from muscular activity.

Smoking does not necessarily cause smoker's lines; physiological ageing in general cause lines, folds, and wrinkles in the lower face area, or anything below the eyes, to form.

As well as natural ageing, the effects of the sun can also develop and increase the lines around the lips. These lines are more likely to form in smokers due to the repeated pursing of the lips to draw from the cigarette. Smoking also breaks down the production of collagen, which in turn increases the appearance of wrinkles and causes the skin to thin.


Type of results to expect when using dermal fillers for Smoking Lines. 

Results can vary from person to person.



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