Nose Fillers 

A procedure is helping thousands of people straighten out their bumpy noses - without going under the knife.

The pioneering treatment involves injecting dermal filler into the face to make a smoother line from base to tip. While, in reality, this makes the nose bigger, the more regular appearance can actually make it appear smaller.  We use dermal fillers to treat a dorsal bump on the nose, to straighten the nose, build up a flat nose, for nasal shaping and for uneven noses post injury.  

The ideal candidate for this non-surgical procedure is somebody who hasn't got a big problem - someone who has a small bump on the nose or slight unevenness or a small hole after a surgery - with them we can achieve amazing results.

Type of results to expect when using dermal fillers for nose job. 

Results can vary from person to person.



1.1ml  Revolax - ¬£199

Our Results With Nose Fillers




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