Naso Labial Lines 

This is one of those terms that’s pretty self-explanatory; “naso” means the nose and “labial” refers to your mouth and lips.  No matter what age you are, these lines will be shown during facial expressions. But starting as early as your twenties, they may start to turn permanent. If you smile in the mirror and study your face, you will notice the folds appear when your cheeks bunch up during smiling. However this should not alarm you – these lines are completely normal. If you need further proof of this, just look at a smiling child. In fact, if you smiled and didn’t have them, it would look abnormal and unnatural.

Injections Treatment

Dermal filler injection is probably the easiest, most effective, and most natural way to get rid of deep wrinkles. The great part is that downtime is very minimal – usually just a little swelling. 

Type of results to expect when using dermal fillers for naso lines. 

Results can vary from person to person.






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